FAA list


I just bought a plane and while doing research found it on this list.
aviongoo.com/faa/status_a_by … CHES&st=TX
What does this mean and what should I do. The check hasn’t cleared and I haven’t picked up the plane, yet. Bill of sale, only, in hand.


It just means that the previous owner hadn’t returned the Triennial Aircraft Registration form. You will be registering the aircraft in your name anyway, so it shouldn’t be a factor. Below is a link to an article on the subject.



As a new owner are there any other things I should be aware of to be or stay in compliance with the FAA or any other govt. agency?
One thing I noticed when I was going over all the log books was what I thought as a mistake. The aircraft had a ‘0’ time Tach installed @ 826 hours and it was not corrected to the correct hours. Apparently it was left at “0”…For most of the log book the entries cited both Tach time and the actual AF time which indicated the 826 hours. The times were listed as two entries. Most of the entries were made by the same A&P. Then when there was a change in the A&P the time began showing up as only the “New” tach time. I had a long discussion about this with the seller as he advertised the lower time, but listed it as Tach time and never called it Total airframe time. The engine seems to still be in the time window of not exceeding TBO,I feel I have bought an airplane with 826 hrs more total time than the tach & log book states. Should this be corrected some way? Should the new A&P I’m going to use be made aware of it?