FAA Jump Seat


Share tails of the FAA Inspector in your cockpit here…


Heard this one just the other day.
FAA Inspector sitting jumpseat on a SAAB 340. During the lineup checklist (while rolling into position on the runway) the FO was making the calls and had the checklist on his knee. The flight continued without a hitch until after landing and the pax deplaned. FAA lady says to FO, "Did you have your out checklist during the lineup back there in ‘xyz’?
He says, “Yes.”
“Did you read it as you made your challange calls?”
And she proceeded to write him up. Got him suspended. Bitch.


While sad, that is FREAKING FUNNY!!!


Ssssssshhhhhhhhh… That was FAAInspecter!


You’ll know it was FAAInspecter for sure if she wrote him up with a large, blue Sharpie. :wink:




Yes, I understand, you write in large, blue font. Which is what I was referring to, and I guess you just didn’t get it.


BLUE FONT :laughing:



BLUE FONT :laughing:

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And Back at you. :smiley:


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BLUE FONT[/quote]


Is this a spam forum now?


There goes the neighborhood.