FAA Issues Safety Warning for Homemade Planes

foxnews.com/us/2010/03/25/fa … de-planes/

Maybe I read this and interpreted it wrong…but I say…Bull$%&t!!! This goes for any aircraft…hence the POH… :unamused:

Y’know it’s such a double standard, the article almost makes it sound like the whole reason it was brought up is because it killed a pedestrian, as if duct tape bumpered 88 Taurus’ haven’t done their share of that. (
I’m not taking away from the fact that it was aweful that it happened to the guy, but since it was an airplane, something needs to be done to ensure it never happens again.
Also the segway from one to another was non existant. Stall speeds, right into a accident that included a catastrophic engine problem that required an off airport landing.

The Lancairs have always been know for high stall speeds, and elevator control issues at low speed. To land one, you basically fly it into the runway at 90 kts, there is very little flare.

Exactly, wtf does one have to do with the other? The stall speeds much less any other operating procedures for that particular type AC are in place. Just like ANY other AC. Its up to us to follow or better said, KNOW THY AIRPLANE!

And Davy, no offense, but so what? I dont land a Bonanza like a cherokee or a cessna. All AC have their unique characteristics. My problem, and its not really a problem, but more of an annoyance, is how the FAA and the Media are tying the SOP of the AC to killing a person on a beach? This was a freak aftermath of an emergency of something that couldve very well happened to me. Maybe I’m reading all this wrong. Waiting for the enlightenment.

I do agree, this story and the beach accident, are two different things, the only thing in common is the type of aircraft. However my comments about the Lancair are taken from some experienced pilots that have flown the Lancair. All of them say, there is too little pitch control at slow speeds, you can pull the stick back in your lap and still not flare. What that has to do with the recent accident, not a damn thing. But it is something to consider before turning lose an inexperienced pilot in the Lancair.