FAA computer systems reported down across East Coast... Deve


FAA computer systems reported down across East Coast… Developing…

This article says the problem is now fixed.


The computers may be back up, but the delays are still there. I’m watching the 5PM BOS-LGA shuttle sit 10 feet from the gate on ground hold.

Also, thunderstorms inbound for the NYC area this evening or tomorrow.

What failed here is the data communications network called NADIN: National Airspace Data Interchange Network.

This is kind of rare, actually. NADIN is the telecommunications network for ATC/FSS, etc.

The air traffic centers computers were probably working ok, they probably just weren’t able to transfer data between facilities.

“Processing more the 1.5 million messages daily, NADIN 1 is used for data interchange within the U.S., and between the U.S. and other nations to communicate flight plans for commercial and general aviation, weather, and advisory notices to pilots. It is also a pass-through data service providing communications between foreign countries.”

Great- Add another point to the airlines side to argue FOR user fees… :confused:

There are two NADIN service area’s that I know of, Atlanta and Salt Lake City. A message came out saying that the Atlanta area was having issues and SLC was trying to pick up the slack. Of course when you one system doing the work normally done by 2 you have a potential for problems. I’m by no mean’s an expert. The system that connects all the centers in the contiguous US is call the HOST system and while interfaced with the NADIN it isn’t part of it. I would consider a NADIN outage a lesser problem then a HOST outage.

NADIN is the data network that gets the flight plan data to the HOST computers in the centers from outside the ATC system. And, keep in mind, this data includes a lot more than just flight plans: NOTAMs, weather, etc, all go through the NADIN servers in ATL and SLC. Without NADIN, the HOST computers have no information to distribute. (or very, very little.)

Imagine your home phone is your HOST computer, and the phone line coming in is NADIN. Without the line coming in, your phone in your house is just a pretty piece of plastic.

there are other was to distribute WX, NOTAMS, and Flight Plans. my thinking is that should the host go down the receiving centers have no information on on the thousand or more departures that just took off from NY, Cleavland and Atlanta Centers last hour. these planes are airborne, burning gas and moving at 6-8 miles a minute, and each new facility has manually take the hand off and the info from them. with the nadin down it delays planes on the ground, it definitely sucks for the passengers, but as the saying goes “they’re safer on the ground”.

Do tell me what the “other ways” are.

FAX, FDP, DOD Notam System, NOAA or even a phone call. Yes all these have limitations which is why the NADIN is very important. But I think you missed my point that a HOST outage is worse then a NADIN outage. At least personally I’d rather have the NADIN go down the the HOST.