FA on Pi with Win10 IoT?

I’m rethinking my systems… Currently running PiAware on a RasPi2B and sharing from PlanePlotter from a Win10Pro machine. Plane Plotter is for reporting and alert options.

For another application I am setting up a RasPi 3B+ with Win10 IoT. I’m asking if there is a way to plug in my RTL-SDR dongle to the new Pi and run a Windows app without loosing MLAT? I’m reasonably sure the 3B+ will have enough power to run both apps and this eliminates the need for two Pi right next to each other. Currently about 1700 ADS-B and 1100 MLAT aircraft per day.

Additionally, the ability to get configured reports ie. aircraft within a 1 mile radius and below 10,000 AGL from FA would be great and eliminate my need for PP.