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FA 978 Antenna Mount Issues

No, not the issue where the mount screws don’t line up with the grooves on the sleeve (well, I have that as well), but another one.

First, H! I’m new to the world of ADS-B but definitely not to the world of RF (I started life as a microwave and ground radio tech in the USAF in the '70s) and I also happen to be a computer hardware/software engineer which makes me even more dangerous (mostly to myself).

Anyway, I ordered a pair of the FA 66cm antennae from Amazon on Thursday and the 978MHz one was delivered today. The Amazon description says “2.5 cm to 5 cm diameter mounting bracket included” which seemed perfect since I already have a roof mounted 3 mast triangle made from 1 1/2 in trade size (~48.5mm OD) conduit. Unfortunately, the actual mount seems to accommodate masts up to 5cm canadian cm (figuring the current USD<>CAD exchange rate). :slight_smile:

OK, no problem. I’ve got plenty of mounts but my question (probably to the FA staff) is… is the N connector attached to the sleeve solidly enough to support the antenna in 60MPH+ wind gusts (Colorado eastern slope foothills)?

I look forward to participating in the community more in the future, especially sharing some of my antenna designs. My latest creations are a 1090MHz spider with a 6.2db gain and an S11 return of -48db. I also have a 978MHz discone with a cone that’s 3D printed in conductive PLA. The jury’s still out on that one. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mount a bracket on the n connector.
Instead I would just use mast to mast brackets, or SS hose clamps, UV stabilized zip ties, etc, over the proper mount portion of the antenna.

Yeah I actually have some good mast clamps somewhere but where I do not know. I just happened to find the brackets first. I haven’t had problems with N mount antennas in the past and these are a lot lighter but I don’t want to cut one open to look at the back side of the connector.

The 1090 antenna is due in today so I was going to mount them both this afternoon but it’s smokey enough outside from wildfires that I’m probably not even going outside today. I might just spend the time in my warehouse (garage) looking for the good clamps.

Thanks for mentioning this. We noticed this issue and are working with our antenna manufacturer to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future. We actually ordered some samples from them on Friday to verify the fix is correct.

I just noticed this but the Amazon description for the 1090 antenna does say 4cm (which is correct) where the description for the 978 antenna says 5cm.