FA 5.0 Img on RasPi 4 2GB with Argon Case Does Not Boot

I’ve been a feeder for a couple of years using a RPi 2. Recently working to upgrade my station. New system is a RPi 4 with 2G of RAM installed in an Argon One V2 case. The case provides cooling and brings the all connections to the rear of the pi.

The piaware 5.0 image does not boot. It gives the multi-colored square on the screen and then freezes. My work-around is to install the raspberry pi buster image and then perform a manual install. I have the new image up and running. Looking to find if anyone else has encountered this problem and if there’s a work-around that will allow use of the FA piaware image. My motivation to use this case is for the passive cooling it provides.

Argon One case I’m using can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Argon-Raspberry-Aluminum-Heatsink-Supports/dp/B07WP8WC3V/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3ECOGGIIQOFW7&dchild=1&keywords=argon+raspberry+pi+case&qid=1630429388&sprefix=Argon+Raspberry+Pi+case%2Caps%2C558&sr=8-4

Does the image work with the same Pi when removed from the case?

I haven’t gone there, but it did work fine when I put it into a RPi 3. I installed Buster on the RPi 4 with the Argon case and ran ABCD567’s install scripts and it works fine. I think the issue is the FA image has some things stripped out and the Argon case has a circuit board that brings the video and power to the back of the case almost like a regular full-sized PC case. I have another RPi 4 with the Argon case and can look into if it’s the case when I get off work later today.

My setup is similar, Pi4b in an Argon V2 case. I also use an orange FlightAware dongle, dark blue FlightAware 1090 filter and FlightAware antenna.

I had the same experience initially (PiAware 5.0), freezing on the multi-coloured screen. In my case the problem just seemed to fix itself. I rebooted several times (perhaps even just powering off at the wall) and it eventually proceeded to boot correctly. Also check that the rear connections card that plugs into your Pi is fully seated for all connectors.

I don’t think I had to try anything else. Perhaps a fresh install on a new SD card could help if the reboots don’t work. Upgrading to PiAware 6.0 today went smoothly.

Edit> My apologies, I just realised my PiAware setup utilises an Argon One V1 case (similar, but with mini-HDMI connectors). My Pi4b in an Argon V2 case running Pi OS for internet/media has not had any freezing issues.

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