F18 homepage pic


A very nice shot on the FA homepage - F18 coming in low with a beautiful sky, a cracking shot!
But…wholly inappropriate for a flight tracking sight dontcha think??



“Inappropriate”? Why? Because it’s a warplane?

Would you feel the same if it were an image of a Spitfire?

How about a Typhoon?



Maybe he meant the front page photo should be a trackable aircraft.


They’ve made the occasional appearance.


…yes, maybe he did mean a **trackable **aircraft! :astonished:

btw: At least some of the old Spitfires flying over here have mode s/adsb equipment which means an *element *of tracking available.


But, FA has become so much more than just a flight tracking website!


I’ve seen some F-18’s (not many but some) on here in the tracker. I remember a couple NASA flights and there was a few out of STL that must have been Boeing flights.


I surely hope your biggest concern in life is not what type of aircraft Flightaware has on its homepage.