F-15 owned by... The Red Cross?


There’s an F-15, called red65, that is flying from St. Louis to Ventura County. Operator is listed as “Comite International de La Croix-Rouge Red Cross”. Does this this look familiar to anyone?



They need air support for their ground operations! :wink:


Sometimes we see military flights when they’re using an identifier that’s the same as a real airline. ICE9 (and ICE19, ICE29, etc) used to see this a lot.


Must be one of the last ones out of lambert. Last i knew the missouri air national guard was getting rid of all the F15s at lambert. They were ridding them 2 at a time that was over two years ago tho. Maybe they did have more than what was parked on the ramp.


The guard F-15’s are all gone. What it might be though is an F-15 off the production line at the MD/Boeing plant there. They also make the F-18, and used to, or possible still do, the AV-8 and T-54.


Uhhh, as far as I know Massachusetts, Oregon, Florida, Louisiana, and Montana Guard all operate F-15s. Or did you mean all the Lambert F-15s are gone??



Yeah I’m sorry, I meant the 131st TFW from STL. Yeah there’s still many units operating the 15s.


No they just make the F18s there i worked there 2 years and never saw a new F15, or for that matter a 8 or 54 at lambert ever. I could be wrong but i never saw any military jets there but the 18 and the 15. So the Blue angels come in a couple times too, Always cool they would make two passes in formation w/ smoke on then land.


You worked at Boeing at STL or at STL (elsewhere on the airport)? I recall seeing Harriers and hawks among F-15E’s until the mid 2000’s at various locations at the plant. I haven’t seen any recently though.


I currently work Boeing STL and there are F-15 currently in production for Singapore, Korea and soon Saudi Arabia. No more harriers anymore in production. Not sure what the Red Cross means or what the jet was in for.


I hear them often overhead “RED” is a Boeing test Callsign which is probably why the system picks it out the way it does.