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Extraneous colon in AirportInfo timezone field

Dear Support,

It appears there is an extraneous “:” on the leading side of the timezone string in JSON results when making AirportInfo calls. The extra colon is inside the string itself. This didn’t exist before (that I remember), but exists in every one I check now. I was able easily compensave by doing a replace function on that field, but I thought you might like to know about it (see snippet below for example).

AirportInfo?airportCode=KSAT produces the following results:

{“AirportInfoResult”:{“name”:“San Antonio Intl”,“location”:“San Antonio, TX”,“longitude”:-98.46905710000000056,“latitude”:29.533957999999998378,“timezone”:"**:**America/Chicago"}}

Best Regards,
Jason Cook

The leading colon has always existed for tz_data zone identifiers and is intentional. We adhere to the standard expressed by this manpage section: tcl.tk/man/tcl8.5/TclCmd/clock.htm#M78

If the time zone begins with a colon, it is one of a standardized list of names like :America/New_York that give the rules for various locales.

Okay, that makes sense, thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile: