Expressjet to end branded operations


Effective September 2, Expressjet will be ending all branded operations and those aircraft will be returned to the lessor and crews presumably furloughed.

It was already announced that they would also be ending all DL Connection flights around the same date.

They will continue to operate CO Express and Charter flights. … 4520080709


Sad news.


Yeah, that is a bummer for the flying public and the employees. I think I read that they will be furloughing about 500 pilots by the time branded ends and all the other reductions play out. Here at MSY, they had a nice operation with 2 flights a day to AUS, SAT, MCI, RDU and JAX. Best of luck to all XJET employees.


Shame. They provided a lot more options from TUS, even though most of those options weren’t ones you’d pick up and fly to most of the time.

When I get back there, it’s the two hour drive to PHX for the cheap direct flight :confused:


Luckily, my sister and her family are fling GEG-LGB a couple of weeks before they shut down the independent operation.

My mom flew them a couple of times and said they had excellent service.


It’s a direct causal result of their loss of the Delta contract along with high fuel prices, is it not?


Sad, but it proof again, that you can’t make money flying nothing but RJ’s plus they had a strange route schedule.