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Experimental Jet N899PS

Just noticed this one out of HUntsville (KHSV) to Cobb County(KRYY).

Don’t think it is a twin-jet. According to the registration it is a WH4 Harpoon which is a Single-Engine Piston, but I could be wrong.
Here is a picture of a WH4:

Is that an early version of a turbine T-34? It looks like a mix between a Debonair tail , Bonanza tanks, generic Beech gear, but the fueselage is different.

It is a Beech 95 TravelAir with a somewhat non-standard 725hp Walter 601D turbine engine.

I have never seen one had several the past few weeks call themselves JET-PROP with Huntsville Atc,maybe modified engine.

JetPROP is a certified turbine aircraft. It’s a Piper Malibu that has been converted with a PT-6A. http://jetprop.com/

Fuselage too short for a Travelair. Wings and landing gear are early Bonanza, I agree it’s a T34 converted.

It’s a highly modified Travel Air and here’s why… For one it’s not a T-34 because it doesn’t have a bubble canopy. Granted the cabin is covered but, the T-34 has a distinctive slope of the rear portion of the canopy. Another reason it can’t be a T-34 is that it is registered as a 4 seat aircraft. http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/N62WH.html. The Travel Air was one of only three Beech models that used the straight tail. The others being the T-34 and the Twin Bonanza, and it’s definitely not big enough to be a Twin Bone… The reason the larger straight tail of the T-34 was used on the Travel Air was that it was more effective for Vmc. Which would make sense using the Travel Air airframe with the more effective straight tail to handle the P-factor of the turbine engine. Further, none of the Debonair/Bonanza models used the “straight tail”. Their conventional tail was of the design that has become what is seen on the current Bonanza.

Wendell Hall has has built another WH 4 out of a 55 series Baron http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/099875.html Again, because of the large tail and effective rudder.

The poster above is correct. This is a Barron twin converted to a single with a Walter m601 turbine, AKA as the Harpoon. The current owner is Walker Hester and it was converted by Wendell Hall Cheraw SC. I’ve had the opportunity to fly in it and it’s remarkable.

Here is the skinny on WH-4, Serial number WH-01 Harpoon: This aircraft was is a conversion done by Wendell Hall of Cheraw, South Carolina. It started life as a Beech Model 95 Travel Air. It is the only one converted from a Travel Air which has the same tail configuration as the T-34. All subsequent conversions were either Baron or slant tail Bonanza airframes. It sportsa 725HP Walter Turboprop engine, Model 701D by Dimech of DeLand, Florida. Serial Number WH-01, carries the Registration Number N62WH, which is shown in the pictures on this Website. It is currently hangared in Colunbia, South Carolina. It is not presently owned by Wendell Hall. I trust the mystery has been solved. If not, prove me wrong.