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EWR to TLV on a 757?

Hi All,

I remember tracking a flight from EWR to TLV somewhere between March and September of 2020. It caught my eye, as it was such a long route and was being operated on a Boeing 757! I regret not taking a screenshot of the flight, but if anyone knows a way to track this flight or find records of flights at that time, please let me know! If you find any info on this flight too, please let me know.


Do you think it’s possible the B757 had been retired and the aircraft registration re-assigned to, e.g., B777 or B787? Just a thought.

It’s definitely possible, because they use the B777-300ER and the B787-10, but I saw this I think more than once, and it is uncommon for the same plane to fly the same route more than once consecutively.

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EL-AL used to have a flight TLV-STN-EWR on a 757 , TLV-EWR is 5692 miles direct!.

Yes, I know, which is why I thought it was so strange. Maybe with a light load and several ACTs it might be possible.