European Sector Numbers on Charter Flights

So I’ve recently learned that some European charter companies create their flight number based on the day of the week using a number associated with the day and then a sector number. Does anyone know what a sector number is and how its created?


The sector number is the number of the sector. For example, if the flight operates ABC-DEF-GHI then ABC-DEF would be sector 1 and DEF-GHI sector 2.

I’m still a little confused. Can you give me another example of a specific flight? So if they just do 1 flight from ABC-DEF, is it just 1? Are you talking about the ICAO airport code?

It was an example using generic codes.

Let’s say LTU has scheduled a flight from Frankfurt to San Juan on 31 March. That’s sector 1. From San Juan it goes to Miami, also on the 31st. That’s sector 2. Sector 3 on March 31 could be from Miami to Frankfurt.

The flight numbers could be
311 FRA-SJU (i.e. the first sector of the flight on 31 March)
312 SJU-MIA (i.e. the second sector of the flight on 31 March)
313 MIA-FRA (i.e. the third sector of the flight on 31 March)

Got it, thanks so much for the clarification :slight_smile: