ETA and arrival times question


Why does some flights show an arrival time and some do not at the DEPARTURE airport?

See N1943L is my tail number

Then see
N1943L and my arrival time is there on my return trip.

The only thing unusual on my trip to HBG was that radar contact was lost when I descended to 2700 but I didn’t cancel IFR until I was about 9 miles from the airport.

Also curious, as I remember a new update saying the ETA will be more accurate, but when does the ETA stop updating?

As you can see from my flight track on the return, I cancelled IFR approximately 14 miles out, and I assume my “arrival time” is the time the IFR cancellation is received?

At my Slowdowner speeds, 14 miles is about 7 minutes additional flight which would mean my ETA should have been that much longer had I gone from wheels up to wheels down?

Unlesss FA can read my mind on an in air IFR cancellation? :slight_smile:



I think this is a bug on the “expanded airport listings” pages that comes up if you cancel instead of arrive. The ETA should update all the way to cancellation. That is to say, if you cancel early, it believes you and doesn’t second-guess the arrival.


Interesting as I cancelled early both ways since they both are uncontrolled airports.

I flew the same sorty today and same results as yesterday. Though I do have to admit, I enjoyed my 52 knot tail wind going southeast bound :stuck_out_tongue: … G/tracklog as I never had 162 knots out of my Slowdowner.

I am surprised the bug only affects certain flights with the expanded airport listings and not all flights since both airports are uncontrolled and more often then not, on severe clear like today, most flights cancel early?



And I assume no Class E airspace for the IAP?


Well… for HBG, yes, class E for the entire approach phase including where I cancelled. I cancelled with Houston center.

for KMBO, approach phase was in Charlie airspace when I cancelled with JAN approach.