ET (Ethiopian Airlines) in the cargo business … as-MD-11(F/1497629/M/

Ok, maybe I’m missing something…but unless they are flying out empty repo flights to bring back goods to ADD, what is an export from that region that they would get into the cargo bus? UNLESS it is to fly around and pick up excess baggage…like TACA and LAB would do at Christmas from KIAD. We’d load a DC-8F full with excess baggage…SUCKED. :imp:

OK so maybe with these routes it makes sense, sounds like they do a good amount in and around Africa and the Middle East:

They go where others won’t.

Edited for Friday 13th mistakes…and lack of coffee. :wink:

They can flow cargo ACROSS ADD. It doesn’t necessarily have to be originating there.

Ethiopia also has a rapidly growing floriculture industry (the commercial growing of flowers). This industry requires efficient air transport.

You sir are very helpful, and yes I have seen my share of flowers flow through our system.

I thought from the title the E.T. was on a freight bus. I was confused. That happens to me a lot :blush:

E.T. was on a bike…and the basket would work for freight I guess :laughing:

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