Estimated positions duplicating actual flight - RLK

I’ve noticed that Air Nelson (RLK) flights are being duplicated by an estimated position in the live tracker.

Some examples: flight RLK585 appears along with RLK8585 (Estimated)
flight RLK118 appears along with RLK8118 (Estimated)

I assume the estimated position is normally omitted when the actual flight is being tracked?

This issue doesn’t currently appear to be happening with the other Air New Zealand regional airlines (Mount Cook (NZM) and Eagle Airways (EAG).

Hope this is helpful.

Thanks for the info – I opened ticket #40952 on this!

This is happening again with Air Nelson flights

I notified our Flight Tracking team to look into this.

Please post any specific examples you have of the duplicate flights.

Thank you Eric

And again now, possibly caused by the recent change to the way the callsigns now work. The 2 airlines which used to be subsidiaries of Air New Zealand, Mt Cook NZM operating AT72 and Link RLK operating DH8C now no longer use NZMXXXX and RLKXXXX callsigns, they use ANZXXXX ones.

ANZ5### is the same flight as ANZ###M (M for Mt Cook, the AT72 fleet) and ANZ8### is the same flight as ANZ###L (L for Link, the DH8C fleet).

I’ve attached some examples. Ridiculously the ANZ408M on the “proper” page links to the annoying extra page with incomplete data so the FlightAware system has half the connection made.

Thanks for your help.