ESPN: Matsuzaka on John Henry's Plane

According to ESPN:

“Daisuke Matsuzaka is definitely headed to Boston … and he’s apparently headed for the Red Sox roster, too. Sox officials are on a plane with the 26-year-old Japanese ace, and a deal appears near.”

Thanks for the link, I was just going to ask if anyone knew what plane Boras and Co. were taking.

Interesting note about the plane, you can see here that it has the little Red Sox symbol on the tail, which makes sense.

However, this plane also used to be the Marlins executive aircraft, as you can see here, with the Marlin symbol in the same place and teal stripes instead of red. Interesting how the plane went from one baseball executive to another. is using flightaware. :smiley:

yes, but he stole a photo… tsk tsk.

The plane has always been John Henry’s. He owned the Marlins before he purchaed the Red Sox.

That would explain it then. :slight_smile: