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ESOK airport removed?

I’ve been looking at departures and arrivals from KSD airport (ESOK) for a few years but I recently noticed now that I don’t get any results any more. I know there are flight but they don’t show up with the API. Other Airports works OK.

Does FlightAware not get any data from this airport any more?

Example code that doesn’t return anything for ESOK:

<?php $options = array( 'trace' => true, 'exceptions' => 0, 'login' => '**LOGIN HERE**', 'password' => '**API KEY HERE**', ); $client = new SoapClient('http://flightxml.flightaware.com/soap/FlightXML2/wsdl', $options); $toESOK = array("startDate" => '1560772608', "endDate" => '1561809028', "origin" => "", "destination" => "ESOK", "airline" => "", "flightno" => "", "howMany" => 15, "offset" => '0'); $toESOKresult = $client->AirlineFlightSchedules($toESOK); print_r($toESOKresult); ?>

ESOK is still present. However, it is currently seeing greatly decreased traffic volume. The airport’s site indicates some regular scheduled flights may be temporary suspended.

There are still some trips pretty much every day in the week between KSD and ARN:
But that does not show up using flight aware API as far as I can see…

Can we consider this a bug in the API?

This isn’t a bug, advance schedule data indicates most scheduled commercial service won’t resume at KSD until late August. It is possible that some commercial service still operates, but has not provided advance schedule information that would be present in AirlineFlightSchedules.

Thanks for the clarification. I can see that the API returns flights for late August so something must be wrong on my side if not the syntax of the returned data changed during the spring without me noticing.