Error when viewing My ADS-B

DataTables warning: table id=site-ranking-24859 - Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see

URL is … tats-24859

Hmmm - seems to be working again already.

This happens if there is an AJAX error fetching/refreshing the data in the background (e.g. temporary server problem) - refreshing should fix it.

It just happened again. Refreshing usually doesn’t fix it but eventually it seems to. When this happens, the 30-day ranking section is blank.

This time it’s not seeming to go away. Interestingly, I’ve never seen it happen with my original receiver … stats-4000 - only with my second one, linked earlier.

You are not alone. I had this error earlier today. Eventually it went away but at the time of this post it is back.