Error in manual installation of PiAware 3.01 and Dump1090

I’ve done this: on a new 32Gb micro SD card I installed the newest Jessie. I manually expanded the file structure using sudo raspi-config/Option 1 (even though the new Jessie apparently does this automatically on install). Used the install commands on the PiAware installation page to manually install PiAware 3.01 and Dump 1090. During the installation there are two queries: enable auto update and enable manual update." I answered “Yes” to both and received an error response more or less like “Commands not included in package.” I continued with the installation, rebooted, and everything worked fine. However, when using the command box option on the My ADS-B page to update Debian, the program crashed and bricked the Pi. Power off and on rebooting didn’t help.

Since then, I’ve gone back to the pre-prepared PiAware installation image and it’s working fine but I’d like to avoid the inevitable “Partition 93% full” error message. So, does anyone know how to get around the auto and manual update not available"" error in the manual installation?

Thanks, Alan

Can you tell us exactly what commands you ran and what the output was?