Are there 2 ERJ-170?? Is one a 170 and the other 175?? Whats the difference between the 2?? :confused:

The number…DUH!!!

The EMB-170 holds 70 passengers. The -175 holds 78. (Why the hell they didn’t call it the EMB-178 is beyond me!)

HAHA No seriously does one fly futher on fuel, does one carry more people?

That answer is simple…IT WOULD MAKE TOO MUCH SENSE!!!

I posted this before your reply showed up on my computer. Thanks for the answer.

In the lingo of Daphne: me thinks the 175 is marketed as a 75 passenger aircraft although it will hold up to 78.


I imagine your right. Man, do I hate overachievers!!


More specifically, the -175 holds 75 passengers and up to 3 winos. It has a three-seat passenger suppression system (optional). Alitalia would have bought it configured that way, but it would shut down their engines.