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Equipment outside - looking for a case

We decided to move in a couple of weeks and there i have the opportunity to bring the antenna outdoor.
As i am not able to drill through the window frame or the wall, the Raspi and the stick needs to be outside too. electric power is given, connect will be WiFi

The balcony is 3/4 covered by the roof so water might not be the big issue. But the heat in summer times can cause some issues because i am expecting a slight heat congestion where i want to place the Raspi and the stick.

What cases are you using for such an environment?


Just install an extra sun shield, then any outdoor junction box will do.
That seems to be the most economical solution for most people.

That was my thought already, friend of mine did that already but a sun shield is not required for him.

Would it be beneficial adding a fan to the case? i am planning to have the pro plus stick in there as well.

If the balcony is not toward the south and sun from directly above is shielded, you could probably get away without a sun shield.

A fan for sure is beneficial.

There is no predetermined temperature limit, so you can just try an installation and see if it works.
Longevity is another story.

unfortunately the balcony is in south-east direction, but as stated partially covered by the roof.

I was planning to mount the raspi directly under that roof getting him away from direct sun impact.

Or maybe behind the railing, depends on how the sun is going around it.

It’s a 3 B, without any additional work to do, so no real CPU load beside feeding

I used this Ogrmar IP65 enclosure - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0786ZT7G3

… and included a circulation fan which helped drop the Raspi CPU temps from +80’C in the Texas August heat/sun to ~65’C peak …


The only wired connection is 12V power from the bottom …


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hello kenf3, it seems to me that if you added a second vent near the bottom of the front panel you could create a chimney effect and vent more heat out of the enclosure. by the way, the inside organization is impressive…nice work.

That one pressure vent in the upper center doesn’t allow free-flowing air since it’s designed to keep water out - it probably requires the same air pressure as inflating a balloon so adding a 2nd vent wouldn’t change things.

The circulation fan solved the +80’C cpu temp problem as I haven’t seen cpu temps over 65’C even when it’s sunny and 100’F (38’C) outside and with 2 tuners (1090 + 978).