EOL for V2.x?

Will you EOL V2.x at some point? I’m happily running V2.1 and not seeing a compelling reason to move to V3.x at this point. I put a lot of time an effort into customizing things back when we were all adding mutability, connections to Flightradar24 and VirtualRadar on an ad hoc basis.

Everything works and if it isn’t broke, will you still take my data?

Upgrading piaware to 3.1 won’t effect anything you’ve done. Just don’t update dump1090 or anything else.

I’m sticking with 2.1 for main feed until I can find a way to merge and rebroadcast the ADSB and MLAT data.

Piaware 3.1 is working ok on a second box but I can’t combine the data and display on a non Google/Openstreet map.

Just waiting for a downstream program to adapt to the new Piaware output (I hope).

Individual’s requirements will be different but wise to check before making the change.

Yes, eventually. We EOLed 1.x recently (yes there were still people using that! Only a handful, though). Data from 2.x will eventually stop being accepted, but there are no short term plans to do that.

In the shorter term, selected data from 2.x may not be used where it’s not reliable because of how 2.x does things (e.g. air/ground status from 2.x is already no longer used)

Thanks for that obj. I’ll go grab a new card and start from scratch and then try and fire up FR24 and the rest. Just wanted to know if there was an immediate need for the changeover.