Environmentalists protest on top of a BA 777 Heathrow


Apparently they breached security to protest a third runway. I guess they think runways cause global warming.

afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5hB4 … dLCe6XPZLQ

canadianpress.google.com/article … NYezobFOrg


Whoa there…don’t slip! Might be one less environmental activist (or atleast one severely injured) if one isn’t too careful. :astonished:

BTW… looks more like some sort of Airbus rather than a triple 7.



It is a A320-232, registration G-EUUN.

British’s 777s are registered:
G-ZZZA through ZZZE
G-VIIA through VIIH
G-VIIJ through VIIY
G-YMMA thorugh G-YMMO


Looks like they dressed up as rampers.

If this were real terrorists, I would be extremely concerned, but does anyone else here feel like , “Awww, they’re upset again, how cute.” I don’t know why, but I have a soft spot for those Greenpeace hippies.

Not that I agree with them, but they just come up with the darnedest schemes to get in the news.


They are not cute. They are suckers caught up in a phoney cause.

Snow cover over North America and much of Siberia, Mongolia and China is greater than at any time since 1966.


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Believe me, I fly private jets for a living, I certainly don’t believe in their cause, but they do very silly things to try to advocate their beliefs, and I happen to think this one is funny. Sometimes they do dangerous things, but in this case it is a relatively harmless, extremely silly thing to do. Like the original poster said, does a third runway really make a difference? If anything, a third runway may prevent wasteful burning of fuel by taxiing airplanes, useless APU ops, and reduce airborne delaying maneuvers.

Now for the disclaimer, I happen to think this is cute/silly/funny, if you don’t feel the same way, you are more than welcome to disagree. However, I as a person am inherently allowed to hold, argue, and express my opinions on this board, in a civilized manner.


To a point you’re allowed those privledges.

How would you feel if you swagger out to your private jet and find a bunch of anarchists hanging off the tail and climbing on your horizontal stabilizer? Earlier today you were commenting on the taxi delays in DC. Seems the cute protest might delay your planned departure. How does that sit?


The private jet comment was not to sound cool, in actuality it meant that sometimes we burn hundreds of gallons or thousands of fuel for the most pointless of purposes, if any at all.

Taxi delays in DC are a result of an awkward runway config. and me having to taxi literally from one end of the airport to the other. These two topics are entirely unrelated. But thanks for listening to me, can you talk to my wife?

If there were a bunch of hippies jumping on our horizontal stab, I think that would expose in a RELATIVELY harmless way an OBVIOUS security problem at the airport I was operating out of. In that case, I would be more than happy to watch the activists get arrested for jumping on the tail. (probably not at the time, but eventually)

Better a bunch of hippies get caught, and the breach sealed, than a terrorist or other unscrupulous person fall through that same crack and, unseen, attach a bomb to the horizontal stab. Think about it, we can track where and when people are operating airplanes. Guy loses job, guy finds out bosses tail number, …

Lastly, for the record, I don’t swagger I mosey.


If you move about with the same attitude you bring here, then you definetely swagger.

Mosey: To move in a leisurely, relaxed way; saunter

Swagger: To conduct oneself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner; especially : to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence

I appreciate your contributions and your perspective. You might consider sanding off the edges a little.


Apparently thinking a bunch of hippies on the tail of an airliner at one of the world’s busiest airports is funny means I am arrogant? Not trying to make a big thing of this, but well whatever, I’m sleepy. I appreciate all of your posts as well, I really hope you all don’t get the wrong idea of me. I actually smiled at the swagger comment, it conjured up a comical image.

You have to admit, you guys are a little rough too. I’ve seen numerous new members thrown to the dogs for stupid “mistakes.”

BTW every time I have ever even tried to swagger I ended up falling on my @ss. Excuse me while I saunter on over to bed.


That’s really how I meant it. I didn’t look up the definitions until after the fact.

You’ve been a member for almost a year and you’re still playing the new guy card? :stuck_out_tongue: <–That’s a razz. Welcome to FlightAware. :laughing:

Maybe your wife will ‘hear’ your saunter. Although, Butterfly taught us that women like the swagger of the alpha male. :laughing:


I agree with you first comment, they are not cute. However, I don’t view the leaders of these EU ‘green’ organizations as suckers. They have gone through a very deliberate process of building real power over several years using the environment as their lever. Are many of their causes phony - yes. But the power that they have acquired is all too real.

A similar thing has happened in the US. In far too many cases the so-called environmentalists are really people with a political power agenda using the environment as their power base. The Sierra Club backing of MTBE in California gasoline is a great case in point. MTBE was shown to be toxic to the environment, but the Sierra Club still backed its continued use.


I hate to imagine what my carbon footprint is these days.
Yesterday I woke up, took a shower and got ready to leave. My house and my hot water is heated by natural gas. I drove 85 miles in my car to EWR, probably about 3.2 gallons of gas. Rode a bus from the long term lot to the terminals. Rode a half-empty 737 to BOS. Got a ride in van to the Enterprise lot. Drove rental car to BED. Flew to Toronto, flew to Teterboro, about 300 gallons of Jet-A combined. Got ride in van to the Hilton.
I’m sure I released some methane a few times yesterday too.


You might think about buying a plane or getting a share in a fractional. Think how much time you could have saved.


I personally want to thank you for your help in getting the world warm again. I’m all for global warming - especially when I get up on those gold mornings!


Environmentalists would protest cottage cheese if they were told it caused global warming.


IN the second article it says they stood on an Airbus a380 after it landed from a short flight form Manchester :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, seen one Airbus, you’ve seen 'em all!
You mean to tell me the media can’t tell the difference between an A320, a 777, and an A380? Go figure, eh?


I guess I should have titled the thread “Ex-Commies try to regain power status by controlling society based on lies of Global Warming caused by International Airport”