Enterprise / Alamo / National Car Rental - Corp Aircraft?

Enterprise / Alamo / National are 3 brands of the same company based in St. Louis. Andy Taylor and family hold majority ownership of this private company.

Does anyone know if they own their own aircraft, use fractionals, charters or commercial?

Try N57EL

Thanks, that helps!

56EL and 57EL, Falcon 2000’s, previously 900’s.

Thanks for that.

I notice that the registration for N56EL shows ‘Experimental’, while N57EL shows ‘Standard/Transport’ even though both were delivered around the same time. Is this just an error?

Why did they take an engine off?


To save money? :stuck_out_tongue:

They seem to be REALLY interested in developing their business in the islands. :slight_smile:

Either that or someone’s pulling a Mark Sanford.