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Enroute pooling time to not miss any flights


I have a question about the operation “Enroute”:

How can I be sure that I will never lose flights? What is the pooling of time to ask flights in this operation?

There is any operation in webservices, to obtain all arrivals programs for airports as the “Scheduled” operation, which returns all scheduled departure flights ?

A loose bound on the maximum polling interval for Enroute would probably be the length of the duration of the longest flight you are expecting to arrive.

General Aviation flights are more likely to have extremely short durations or travel distances, so you may need to have a shorter polling interval if you are specifically interested in GA. If you only care about commercial flights, then probably a one hour interval would probably provide reasonable performance.

If you need to do constant polling to monitor flights for an airport, then you might want to consider using pushed alerts (SetAlert) for all flights with a destination of your airport.