Enroute Method Returning Wrong Order

The Enroute method is supposed to return results in arrival time order (soonest first) but currently, it is returning results in alphabetical order. This is actually also true for your website’s data in general, not just Flight XML.

Enroute returns information about flights already in the air for the specified airport and maximum number of flights to be returned. Enroute flights are returned from soonest estimated arrival to least soon estimated arrival.


Still seems to have the same problem. A call to en route for KLAX returns:

AAL1 Dec 30 19:55 John F Kennedy Intl EN ROUTE
AAL1063 Dec 30 18:28 Chicago O’Hare Intl EN ROUTE
AAL117 Dec 31 00:32 John F Kennedy Intl EN ROUTE
AAL119 Dec 31 04:49 Newark Liberty Intl EN ROUTE
AAL1247 Dec 30 21:14 Chicago O’Hare Intl EN ROUTE
AAL1253 Dec 31 07:20 Miami Intl EN ROUTE
AAL1295 Dec 30 23:04 Orlando Intl EN ROUTE
AAL1307 Dec 31 03:25 Nashville Intl EN ROUTE
AAL1308 Dec 30 19:26 Mc Carran Intl EN ROUTE
AAL133 Dec 31 02:22 John F Kennedy Intl EN ROUTE

Which is not in soonest to arrive order.

Is this still happening?

Seems ok now, many thanks!

Excellent. Sorry for the glitch.