Enroute chart API call with origin airport name

I’m trying to duplicate [this table] (Airport Activity ✈ Manassas Rgnl Airport (Washington, DC) [KHEF] - FlightAware) without the map using API calls.

ORIGIN on your table includes the “airport name (airport code)” e.g. “Culpeper Rgnl (KCJR)”

I get all of the info except “airport name” with the call https://aeroapi.flightaware.com/aeroapi/airports/KHEF/flights/scheduled_arrivals?type=General_Aviation.

To get “airport name” for each “airport code” I make multiple calls using https://aeroapi.flightaware.com/aeroapi/airports/?***AIRPORT_CODE***

The problem is that this uses up the query count.

So, is there a clever way to pull the entire table using a single call?

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