Enrich PiAware Skyview with own data


Hi all, I am running Piaware on a Raspi.

I use an own Perl script to
1.) get the data from http://localhost:8080/data/aircraft.json
2.) parse and insert them into a PostgreSQL database
3.) create statistics.

I live under a figher jet training area and collected some information like
hex code, type, operator, town – usually not found on public sites –
say 3F5F12,TOR,TaktLwG-33, Büchel

Can I extend PiAware Skyview to display those informations when I hover over an airplane icon with my mouse? To get this information I’d have to to a PostgreSQL call.


Can I run some script (Perl, bash) daily to extract those data from my database and store it in a form that PiAware Skyview can use?


have a look at [https://github.com/alkissack/Dump1090-OpenLayers3-html/wiki]
brgds Evangel