Engine Out video


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"Imagine a beautiful, sunny day. You take-off in a light sport or ultralight aircraft and begin flying a short route you’ve covered many times before. Now, imagine your reaction when that reliable engine suddenly stops turning. Click HERE to see how this pilot handled this very situation.

Thanks to OTA reader, Thom Riddle of Buffalo, NY for sharing this with us."

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Improving Aviation Safety with Information Visualization: Airflow Hazard Display for Helicopter Pilots.

"Many aircraft accidents each year are caused by encounters with unseen airflow hazards near the ground such as vortices, downdrafts, low level wind shear, or turbulence from surrounding vegetation or structures near the landing site. While such hazards frequently pose problems to fixed-wing airplanes, they are especially dangerous to helicopters, which often have to operate in confined spaces and under operationally stressful conditions (emergency search and rescue, military operations, shipboard operations).

The difficulty with airflow hazards is they are invisible, and thus the pilot may not be aware of being about to fly into “bad air.” Pilots learn to rely on performance charts, operational envelopes, and their intuition, but nevertheless, lives are lost and millions of dollars in aircraft damage sustained each year due to vortex and downdraft encounters." see video