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Engine Exhaust Cone

Does the shape really make that much difference? What if they don’t match on a an aircraft?
Saw a FDX MD-11 depart and looking at the pics later on noted the right engine had a more pointed exhaust cone than the other two engines?

Are you sure this isn’t an optical illusion? They look the same to me.

(Note to those who do: Notice that I quoted the original poster WITHOUT rudely reposting the picture. Need to know how to do that? Just delete the img tags and everything between them.)

I can see a difference and it certainly appears to be a replacement engine - the cowling is gray not white.

Aaargh, it is white - in shadow :blush:

Yes, I’m sure it is not. Another view…

If memory serves me right, it is just a mod for better efficiency. The #2 with the longer cone is the modified version I believe.