Endless pages of scheduled flights

I seem to recall this subject was touched upon once before - probably shortly after its introduction - but it fizzled out.

Is it just me or does anyone else get cheesed off at the endless pages of scheduled ‘milk run’ flights that never happen? On the busier airports you have to wade through sometimes 4 or 5 pages of them before you even get to the real stuff and it’s annoying as hell. The worst part is the vast majority of them aren’t even legit flights and they appear day after day after day without ever flying.

A couple of examples from some of my bookmarked airports are CSQ601 which is always filed for KEWR-TXKF every day but the flight and airline don’t even exist, and for KBFI there are literally hundreds of WAK flights that are always showing, none of which ever happen. I’m sure you guys who monitor the big airports could probably write a book full of them too.

Frankly, they are neither use nor ornament (as we say in the UK) and all they serve to do is clog up what was previously a very slick system that worked a treat. Personally I would like to see them removed but I’m interested to hear what you guys think so I’ve created a poll for you to vote on so please vote and add your thoughts below.

Nobody else has any comments on this? :confused:

The WAK flights may be departing VFR.

How is FlightAware going to know if a scheduled flight is a actually going to depart IFR or VFR? I’d rather there be more data than less, even if it means there will be some flights that don’t depart.

Again, there are more important things (in my opinion before anyone (you know who you are) jumps on my case) that FlightAware should be working on - like maps that go zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom.

I think that Flightaware should display all flights as-is from the data stream. If the flight plan is in the system, then by all means display it.
The exceptions are the blocked flights of course…

I think you are missing the point or perhaps I have no explained it well enough. A large amount of the scheduled flights listed are not ‘real’, ie. they never fly. They are repeat flightplans that are for flights that either never existed or have long since been discontinued and the RPL (repeat flightplan) never removed from the system. When looking at the scheduled flights for a particular airport this gives the impression that there is a lot more traffic ‘planned to happen’ than actually does, because those flights simply don’t exist.

The WAK flights are a perfect example of this. The company doesn’t exist yet there are hundreds of flights filed across several NW airports every day! The same applies to CSQ and their EWR-BDA flight - again, a company that doesn’t exist.

They all unnecessarily clog up the pages and make the flight pages hard to navigate. The old system worked much better when all these duff RPLs weren’t included.

I understand your point but the question is, with hundreds of flights, which ones are legitimate and which are not?

This would be a case where additional filtering would be handy. Rather than the filtering now (i.e. general aviation and commercial), it would be great to have a filter that would allow you see all flights, only flights of X, or all flights except a, b, and c.

Or separate the enroute and scheduled into two tables. Yeah, big modification I know.