Emirates A340 Tailstrike


Too long, too weak? :slight_smile:

Is that a -600 I am guessing on that run? Not hard to do on those VS had a nice fat one a little while after beginning to fly theirs into KIAD and it put a really nice hole in the skin right beyond the skid plate.

Here are some pics:




Reg: A6-ERG

Wonder if anyone else on-board had similar skidmarks :wink:

Doesn’t look as bad as they made it sound i.e., use of the word “slammed”.

That’ll buff right out…

Here are some more photos:

airliners.net/uf/view.file?i … qeg5L.jpeg

airliners.net/uf/view.file?i … wTWy3.jpeg

LOTS of speed tape and she’s good as new :wink:

Looks like a skid mark.

I was reading some follow up on this over on a.net yesterday and it was saying that the investigation is looking into the weight the f/o keyed in for the a/c. They are saying he may have been off by a ton or so in one area…they did not say where. I am GUESSING TOW since that is what the v speeds are calculated by…correct?