EMERITES in S. Florida HUH?



wonder why?



It’s on it’s way back your way!!!


wonder what that is all about? mmmmmmm any1 know?


Since Emirates does not have A310’s it could be a charter flown by some other airline for Emirates.



The A310’s don’t show up in schedules as they operate as Emirates SkyCargo.

They operate A6-AFA, A6-AFB, A6-AFC, they started out as passenger aircraft for Emirates in 1991 and were converted to Freighters in 1995.

Emirates SkyCargo A310F website.


aha there you go, I’ve seen a couple of old 747-200’s painted that way but when you get up close they say “operated by xxxx”. Atlas if I remember right, no jokes please. :confused:
Fort Lauderdale isn’t on the scheduled freight map, so I’m betting they either hauled horses or cars!!



Horses is a good guess. Dubai World Cup (mucho $$$$$) is March 29.


that is a good guess. what made you guess that though? i read ages ago that they probably transported horses on airliners.net, can’t find the article


Sorry - cannot resist. I didn’t know that airliners.net was in the horse transporting business.

(I know he means “…I read ages ago on airliners.net that they probably transported…” but the way it reads indicates that airliners.net is an airline)