Emergency notification for Honeywell/King/KLN owners

Emergency Notice
Notice Number: NOTC2101

Emergency Notification

The FAA has been made aware of an issue with an update to a navigation database that became effective on 14 January 2010. To date, the known affected models are: Honeywell Bendix/King KLN 35, KLN 88, KLN 89, KLN 89B, KLN 90, KLN 90B, KLN 94, KLX 100, KLX 135, KLX 135A, KLN 900.

Please refer to the following Honeywell website for more information:

bendixking.com/wingman/serv … _downloads

For more information, please contact: Jason Brys, FAA Flight Test Engineer in the Wichita ACO, at (316) 946-4138.

Someone forgot to update their World Magnetic Model coefficients file!

Sure glad we don’t have anything that uses a database. :frowning:

WOW :exclamation: Best sarcastic tone I’ve read in a long time.

Liar! try living my life- Garmin 165 and a Trimble 2101 I/O

lol, 2 nine waypoint INS’s here. I’ve used the TNS 2000, what an unfriendly POS that was.