emergency landing


I need to verify if there was an emergency landing on BA873 on 08/29/08 flying from Moscow/Russia to London. How can I verify this info?


You could listen to archived feeds on http://www.liveatc.net.

I’m sorry, I don’t think FlightAware can help you.

OH! wait! Ask robbreid. Duh! :wink:


Just curious. Why do you need to know? Research for a book on BA? General knowledge? Are you a (excuse me for cursing) an lawsuit happy attorney?


Argus, if you aren’t a lawsuit happy attorney, then dami meant to say…


No, I am not an attorney; I am information researcher who is looking only for yes or no answer.
My client is looking for an alibi and this information is critical for him.


Sounds legit’ to me! :unamused:


the balcony is closed, I found what I wanted, thanks for replying


Good deal! Don’t be shy and Y’all come back again! :smiley:


Glad you were able to find the information.

Hope I didn’t come across too rough with my comment about attorneys (and I’m glad you’re not one). In today’s litigious world, I’m always weary of people asking questions like you did without giving a reason. In most cases, the questions are for a legitimate, non-litigious reason but one can never tell.


:laughing: haha perfectly legit!


discussions.flightaware.com/view … 1938#61938