Elton John on tour

Here he is departing N33XE





Seen arriving in YYC: flickr.com/photos/wee_in_yyc … hotostream

Nice shot of the plane, too bad he wasn’t on it. It looks like he drove down to Regina for his two shows following his show is Saskatoon. His plane went to Calgary for the night and then went to Regina to pick him up.

He came to Saskatoon from Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK).

2011-May-10 GLF5/Q Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) Saskatoon Int’l (CYXE)

10-May-2011 He plays in Saskatoon, Canada @ Credit Union Centre

N33XE goes to YYC.
2011-May-11 GLF5/Q Saskatoon Int’l (CYXE) Calgary Int’l (CYYC)

Elton John drives down to Regina for his 2 shows. N33XE goes to YYC.

11-May-2011 Regina, Canada Brandt Centre
12-May-2011 Regina, Canada Brandt Centre

N33XE goes to Regina to pick up Elton John takes him to Calgary.

2011-May-12 GLF5/Q Calgary Int’l (CYYC) Regina Int’l (CYQR)

After show heads back to Calgary where he has a show this Saturday night.
2011-May-13 GLF5/Q Regina Int’l (CYQR) Calgary Int’l (CYYC)

Actually he stayed in Calgary the whole time, flew to Regina for the show and back to Calgary.

How can that be?

From the flight log of N33XE it flew to Calgary on the 10th, he had a show on the 11th and then on the 12. N33XE flew in on the 12th and left that night on to Calgary. Unless he came to Regina from Calgary on another AC. Hmmm… must check flight activity…

Ej leaves Calgary for the UK tonight if you want to grab a snap of hm.