Electrical noise from 2nd Rasp Pi NAS setup effects PiAware performance

Just wanted to drop a note in the discussion about a problem that recently developed with my ADS-B installation.

I am using a Flight Stick Pro Plus with a Raspberry Pi 3b mounted in my attic with a 6db gain 1090mhz tuned antenna. It has been active and online for about 15 months. Using the PiAware 7.1 Image.

About 6 days ago, I noticed a drop off in “Positions Reported”, compared to my other PiAware instance (Outdoor Antenna). While both instances usually report consistent with each other, the attic PiAware dropped about 20%.

Troubleshooting the problem led me to a Raspberry Pi 4b 4Gbyte that I had just set up as a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, using the OpenMediaVault Pi Image and a couple of 2 Tbyte WD Red Hard Drives. I had recently set this up in an Argon 40 “EON” NAS case. I had set it up in my computer room which is directly below where the ADS-B receiver is located in the attic. Apparently, the NAS was generating enough electrical “Noise” to effect the Flight Stick Pro Plus (Blue SDR). I don’t believe it was the Raspi making the electrical noise but the add in USB Sata and Power Board that comes with this case from Argon 40.

Shutting down the NAS brought my numbers right back up where I expected to be. I plan to move the NAS to the other end of the house to see if it makes a difference.

Just thought I would relay my experience if somebody else is having a loss of sensitivity of the ADS-B station.


What is the distance between these devices?

I do have two more Raspberries and a Lenovo MiniPC which is operating as Nextcloud NAS. All are wireless connected and never caused any issues to the Raspberry with the FA stick close to them. Distance overall is less than 3 meters

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