Suddenly the Spruce Goose doesn’t sound so crazy, does it, Senator Brewster? Just look what the Ruskies were up to.
Towards the end of the video they show it equipped with a couple massive missiles. Sick!
Yeah, it’s in Russian…what, you don’t speak Russian?


I remember seein’ this thing on Discovery Wings channel (back when there was such a thing). That thing is totally bizarre looking. Found THIS on it at Wikipedia…

Displacement: weight 286 tonnes unloaded
Length: 73.8 m
Wingspan: 44 m
Power: 8 JSC Motorostroitel NK-37 turbojet engines, 127.4 kN (28,600 lbf) each
Speed: 550 knots (1018.6 km/h)
Range: 1,000 nm (1,860 km)
Complement: 6 officers, 9 enlisted men
Armament: Six fixed-elevation SS-N-22 Sunburn anti-ship missile launchers
One 23 mm PI-23 Twin AA gun (2,400 rounds)
Notes: only one built


I’ll state once more that this is not an aircraft, it’s an Air Cushion Vehicle (ACV). Class A and Class B Wing In Ground Effect (WIG) craft aren’t classified as aircraft by the FAA but are instead regulated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as vessels.

Also see: se-technology.com/wig/index.php