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Editors picks of photos

I enjoy the weekly Editors’ picks photos. However, I’m becoming more and more disappointed with each weeks selections. I thought this website was primarily about commercial jet aircraft and airlines. Recently, the majority of photos are: military aircraft, general aviation aircraft, helicopters, Russian transports (my God, how many times are you going to show the same Russian transport aircraft over and over again?), and redundant, and redundant, and redundant, photos of the same aircraft? The pictures are getting REALLY boring, and the number of commercial jet airliners and freight airliners is now but a small fraction of the total photos. What happened to all of the relevant photos? Folks can go to numerous other websites to see military, military transports, little general aviation planes, millionaires’ private jets, helicopters, crop dusters, balloons, etc. Why don’t you do what is most relevant for this website? – commercial / freight (not military transports) JET AIRLINERS??? come on, man! Really!