Early Video Demo


For those of you who haven’t checked it out yet, we uploaded a video demo of flight planning that we’ll be updating as the product evolves.


Any chance of a downloadable version for us QT impaired folks?

Easy enough to convert to a wmv flavor should a downloadable version be available without the need to install Quicktime…


Google Chrome downloads the MOV file. Still need Quicktime and you don’t need to download the iTunes app.

Question: Just to make sure it’s working right, there is no sound, correct?


Correct, no sound.

I’ll see about getting a WMV or flash version.


I got an error message regarding a plugin when I clicked on the link. I had QuickTime version 7.1.6. I downloaded and installed the latest version (7.5.5 at this time) and that solved my problem.


Worked great for me and it looks like a fantastic feature. Will it be free???


Of course.