I was looking at some of the departures from Birmingham, AL, and there were some waypoints that I weren’t sure about.



What is EA9? It’s not noted in the Birmingham 3 DP page. A route from BHM-BNA is NO9 VUZ030025 RQZ VOLLS7. Again, what is “NO9?” EA = East, NO = North?
Any info would be appreciated.


It’s an upper jet airway- or it’s a SID. My charts are at work but I’m pretty sure of this.

I’ll check out the FAA website and see if I can pull the SIDs out of KBHM

I’m pretty sure it’s an upper jet airway. I just checked the FAA site and there are no SIDs out of BHM (weird) Although I’ve flowen out of there before like twice it was in a C210 for flight express. I don’t really remember a departure out of there.

Now you’ve got me stumped- There is a SID at BHM the BHM3 I didn’t find an upper jet airway named EA9 and it can’t be a SID cause the only SID out of BHM is the BHM3.
I even tried Fltplan.com to see what I could come up with and it had that route as a preferred route but then Fltplan.com had no clue what EA9 was when I put it in. I’m stumped.

I’m not a pilot (and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Express).

Looking at the BHM3 SID and a little search on Google, it appears to me that all departures from BHM are based on vectors from ATC to a transition point such as ATL. The EA9, etc., indicates the general direction of flight after take-off.

Again, that’s just my thought-out opinion based on my look at the SID and the little data I was able to find using a search on Google.

NAH- if it was it’d be listed as BHM3.EA9 transition. that departure it totally radar vectors.

Agree. flightaware.com/resources/airpor … FOUR+(RNAV/pdf would be a good example where transitions are in the DP.

Clearly says on BMH, runway heading, expect vectors to filed route. There are no transitions on the BMH departure procedure. One thing for sure, not a DP I’d like to encounter should I go NORDO.

Possible answer seen at beanairlinepilot.com/forums/ … uting.html (fifth post down) regarding direction of flight.

EA9 may be a similar situation to FMYDT discussion at discussions.flightaware.com/view … 34&start=0

I’ll bet my left nut it’s an airway, I just need to look at a chart.

and BHM is pretty flat so if you go NORDO just climb to 4000 and do what you want, ATC will be sure you don’t get run over by a jet.

Yeah, right on about flat. If I go nordo with three COMS in my plane, I got bigger problems then just “radios”.

Just hope BHM would have a primary target on me to keep the jets out of my way lol:

The Summt4 departure given by the poster here shows routes while the BHM3 doesn’t. This is the reason why I think it is all vectors to the transition point with the EA9, etc., being the general direction of departure as indicated by the reference given by the same poster:

From what I can tell by looking at all the departures out of BHM in flightaware… it appears that there may very well be a simplistic explanation…

All equal the direction of the initial route of flight.

EA9 = East: BHM-RDU - flightaware.com/live/flight/BTA601
WE9 = West: BHM-DFW - flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL569
NE9 = Northeast: BHM-DTW - flightaware.com/live/flight/FLG3791
SE9 = Southeast: BHM-TPA - flightaware.com/live/flight/SWA794
SW9 = Southwest: BHM-IAH - flightaware.com/live/flight/BTA2713

Thanks for the responses, everyone. The link from beanairlinepilot seems to offer a good explanation about EA9 being a direction of flight; but why is it entered in the flight plan at all? Why not just KBHM ATL ADENA1?

skyvector.com/ should give you what you need. Both VFR and IFR charts. Be unusual naming convention for an airway.

Low enroute begin with V and high begin with J???

for the same reason we have stop lights, to control traffic. I give up- all the non-pilots know more then the pilots.

If it’s like the discussions.flightaware.com/view … 34&start=0 situation, nobody puts it in. It’s automated by the computer.

I will test this out now and see if this is the case.

Welcome to my “world”… :open_mouth:

Err… when did I claim to know anything about this? That’s why I posted…I asked a question… :confused:

sorry I was venting

Can’t speak for flyboy97222, but I seriously doubt his comment was directed at you.

Check out that other thread I referred you to about FMYDT. If flyboy97222 can’t locate the airway, then it’s a good chance that it’s a computer generated entry OR ATC entered whom ever receives the flight strip.

It is not a pilot entry as I tried to file a flight plan via DUAT and it came up as an invalid fix.

EDITED to add…

OOPS, see flyboy97222 spoke for himself :wink:

Fltplan.com can’t find it, either.
Ditch DUATS and get on Fltplan.com, it’s WAY better.

Yeah, old school I guess I am :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the refreshing text based look, however fltplan.com does run circles when it comes to bells and whistles.

Heck, I still rather read the FAA format for my briefing rather then translated. Easier to gleen out what I need.


Voyager my flavor of choice for offline flight planning, but planning to take a closer look at Golden Eagle since there may be a possibility of downloading the navlog to my Garmin handheld.