Dynamic range and Triple filtered LNA

I was running my station using a home made interdigital filter and after updating to the 6.0 version I decided to activate the Dynamic-Range and I’ve seen an overall increase (planes, messages, distance) a few day ago I’ve replace the interdigital filter with the LNA and I got a decrease and the stats.json was reporting a gain over 50 (I think it was 58.6).
Now I’m back to the interdigital filter and I’ve already seen an increase.
Does anyone experience similar behavior


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If you add amplification in front (LNA), you need to reduce the gain in the dongle by the same amount.
Something around 30 would be my guess.
You have huge numbers of bogus messages on that tracks graph (the red above the green).
This is mine:

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I have multiple cell towers, TV and radio towers very close, also during landing/take off from LPPR the planes are very close.
In the past I’ve done multiple tests using different gain setting and couldn’t remove the bogus messages event using the “RTL-SDR ADS-B Triple Filtered LNA”.
Probably I will give a try the “Burst” and “Dynamic Range” together.

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