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Dutch police not on map annymore?

I see no dutch police heli anny more on the map are more users have this problem?

Checking, will report later

It is visible for me, hangs above Rotterdam right now.

Oke i see but do you also seen it on vrs? mostly i see the zxp25/26 but the zxp 03 05 05 i can not see it on vrs.
This is after the update 5.0 begining.

Try tar1090… It shows a lot more than the regular view.

It shows the exact same list of aircraft based on the aircraft.json provided by the current decoder.

If you just can’t see it on VRS then that typically means you don’t have MLAT results configured as a separate receiver in VRS …

Just to be crystal clear, do you get MLAT results from other mlat networks?
Because in that case you wouldn’t know if it’s still in the FA mlat results.

Also you only get FA mlat results if your receiver is used for a position.
With high receiver density that doesn’t always happen even while you receive ModeS from an aircraft.

Checking if you receive ModeS from an aircraft is the first thing to check by the way … because without ModeS can’t even hope for MLAT results.


Well I have a radarcape so is it possible wif tar 1090?

tar1090 doesn’t change anything, the post stating that was misinformed.
I’m the maintainer for tar1090 … it won’t show any more aircraft than the dump1090-fa webinterface.

Till today, I cannot see any police helis on Flightaware. On Flightradar24 I can see them

Maybe below the minimum altitude of your receiver?

Are you feeding FR24? If yes, you can set a filtered view, limited to your receiver only.

no i feed flightaware , on vrs i see the logo and picture but not on the map! so i see not the location where it fly.
zxp 26 i see but the others i dont.on jetvision map i see all of police heli

Which Jetvision map?

I do have regluarly military aircraft, police and rescue here in my area. Some are provided via MLAT because they are out of range for my Jetvision receiver.
If they are provided via Jetvision MLAT only, they do not appear on FR24 for my receiver.

This is how it looks like at the moment on my device:


71 are shown received locally. in total 90 are MLAT, so there are approx 19 aircraft which were visible via ADS-B, but now MLAT delivers the more reliable source, that’s why they are counted as MLAT

From these 19 some are not shown on FR24 map for my receiver any longer, because no signal via ADS-B

The map on the radarcape 2d live map

OK, that’s the same i have. Did you by chance select a wrong filter there or not all sources?


no on the radarcape is evrything ok isee all police heli!!
the problem is VRS over there i can no see the heli annymore!!

Ah, now after reading twice i see the problem.

You have no position of the heli, that’s why it’s not shown on VRS. That’s what i can see pretty often for all types of aircraft from time to time

Try sharing MLAT and ADS-B to your VRS.

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I have share it same as picture

Same problem here.
For the past few weeks ZXP01-06 did not show up as MLAT, only Mode-S.

Yesterday the ZXP06 passed overhead my house and did not show up as MLAT, while being synchronized with over 500 nearby receivers.

I do receive MLAT info. Military, medical and commercial give no problem.

Using Tar1090 to display all aircraft.