Dutch airplane manufacturer Fokker announces restart

Dutch media are announcing a restart of Fokker following a 20 million euro loan from the Ministry of Economic Affairs:

Dutch to English translation (Google):

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has a loan of 20 million euros pledged for the development of a new Fokker aircraft.

Fokker went bankrupt 14 years ago, but investment company NG Aircraft (owned by Rosen Jacobson) is now building an airplane based on the old Fokker 100.

NG Aircraft is one and a half years preparing and thinks that the first plane may be ready over five years .

It is intended that the device is less harmful to the environment than comparable aircraft. The European Commission must still approve the aid.

Link: Fokker 100

Flew into Amsterdam and Rotterdam once each. Fokkers all around us, and some of them were flying the Airbus too.

John in Saudi

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man, I sure crack myself up.

You’re a Funny Fokker! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see the point of this.

The Fokker 100 was a dog from an economics standpoint.

I can see it potentially being viable if they resolved all those issues, however I don’t see any airlines giving them the time of day when there are offerings in the same market space from established manufacturers in Embraer and Bombardier and also Sukhoi and ACAC offering fringe aircraft in the same space, both of which are very close to beginning deliveries.

rekkof.nl/ (Yes - rekkof, Fokker spelled backwards!)
See also en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fokker