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Duplicate Flights from SearchBirdseyeInFlight

I’m using SearchBirdseyeInFlight to get a list of BA flights expected to land in the next 15 minutes, and I’m getting back multiple instances of some flights.

Here is my query in SOAP:
response = client.call(:search_birdseye_in_flight, message: { query: "{match ident BAW*} {true inAir} {<= eta " + (Time.now + 15.minutes).to_i.to_s + “}”, offset: 0, howMany: 15 })

And here are the idents I’m getting back:
“BAW227”, “BAW2728”, “BAW215”, “BAW215”, “BAW229”, “BAW229”, “BAW227”, “BAW197”, “BAW197”, “BAW3456”, “BAW289”, “BAW289”, “BAW169”, “BAW249”, “BAW215”]

As you can see, flights 215, 229, 197 are repeated at least once. Any idea what could be causing this?

Thanks for any help!