Duplicate flight numbers with zeros


Often when I look at the enroute page for an airport like CYVR, I’ll see the same flight listed more than once, with one row having a leading zero on the flight number. For example, right now I see:



The detail page links for ACA064 and ACA64 both end up at the page for ACA64. Is this caused by an issue in the way that Air Canada submits its flights? I don’t recall seeing this behaviour for another airline.



Spoke too soon… another example is the KLAX enroute page with CAL006 and CAL6


Many non-USA airlines use 3 digit flight numbers. Flight numbers under 100 and under 10 are padded with 1 and 2 leading zeroes respectively.

FlightAware removes the leading zeros. It appears a bug is creeping into the system.


Fixed and cleaned up.


Thanks! That was quick!


How do you think he got the nickname “one minute Mark” ?


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Right now on the CYVR enroute page is see:

ACA026 and ACA26

On the KLAX enroute page I see:

CAL006 and CAL6

In both cases, on the enroute page the two flights have slightly different times. However, they both link to the same flight detail page (ACA26 and CAL6).


Fixed and cleaned up again.

In the future you can email me directly (username @ flightaware.com) so I’ll see it sooner.