dump1090 stops every morning

please let me know if is a solution for a problem I have every morning:
dump1090 stops about at 10AM
My receiver is a RaspberryPi (actually model 3) with piaware and dupm1090 connected with
NooElec NESDR Mini 2 USB RTL-SDR & ADS-B Receiver and the 1090MHz ADS-B Antenna - 66cm / 26in

Just tried following solutions:
replaced sdcard with a new samsung 16G
replaced the first first raspebbypi model 2 with a new model 3
replaced the nooelec usb stick with flightaware usb stick (immediately replaced because poor reception)
replaced the rasberrypi power supply with a new one with over 3A current
installed the CRON script on the raspberrypi as per suggestions in another post

temperatures are ok on raspi and usb stick

Unfortunatelly always I recognize the dump1090 stops at the morning…i solve this with dump1090 restart command via my flightaware interface or via SSH connetion but this is a little bit hard to do every day.

Any suggestion will be very appreciated.

Have you forwarded port 8080 externally? Don’t do that.

Thanks for replay
Yes because I need to verify my receive situation from outside (also from another wan)

In any case I will immediatelly delete forwarding and looks for whats happend.

But is a technical reason for that ?

The internal webserver is not robust and tends to crash if given an unexpected request. If you put it on the internet it will regularly get hit by portscans that are sufficient to crash it.

(you could switch to dump1090-mutability which uses a separate webserver, or wait for piaware 3 which will have the same setup)

Thanks a lot for quick explanation

Regarding mutability i tried to install but i dont find a clear explanation how to do that…did you know a link where this is explained well? Thanks for that

A good way to be able to view it from remote is with remote desktop software, Don’t remote into the Raspberry, but another computer. I use REALVNC and I setup remote port forwarding to that… Once remoted in you can view the site from anywhere. Software license is free for private use. Check out realvnc.com

Thanks for suggestion…actually I operate as per Your post

Today my raspi 3 works without virtual server connection and I confirm that dump1090 dont stops.

Also tomorrow I will replace the raspi 3 wiyh the original raspi I used and I will test if the virtual server access from the router is the cause of the dump1090 stop.

Thanks again for Your cooperation

i have a google spreadsheet that notify me by email and sms soon as my radar is down, lose Internet, dump1090 error or whatever, search in Google for spreadsheet web site monitor, if you want do that.

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First of all thaks who helps me.
Yasterday evening I re-install the first Raspi model 1 and I dont recognize the error after removing the virtual server (related to piaware web server) from router and dont recognize any stop for dump1090.


Hello, I have the same issue, but need to port forward 8080. My RPi is running Piaware 3.1.0, fadump1090 and sits on a remote mountain top. The only access is via ssh.
Unfortunately, there is another piece of equipment in the same cabinet that is using port 80.
When I disable the http port in fadump.sh, the RPi runs without issue.

What is a good port to forward other than 8080? Can I configure an ‘alias’ for the web server as in this example: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/piaware ?

Is Piaware using Apache as its server of choice or is it something else?

I should also note that I have another remote RPi running dump1090, using port 8080 and it has not hiccuped in months. The RPi running fadump1090 will die within 24 hours if port 8080 is used.