dump1090-fa option request

The latest dump1090-fa appears to work very well but has one annoyance that could be really great to fix…

Every time the dump1090-fa starts it creates the /var/run/dump1090-fa directory and removes it on shutdown.
If the directory is already there dump1090-fa just fails to start :frowning:
dump1090-mutability does not recreate the directory on startup and does not remove it on exit.
I would like to permanently keep /var/run/dump1090-fa directory as I have some scripts that get confused when the directory is not there.

Do you mind to explain the reason why FA version does it differently then mutability?
Is there any way to disable the startup check and directory cleanup on exit?
Can you add this option to the next release please?

Really appreciate your help!

This is controlled by the systemd service file’s RuntimeDirectory option.
If you want some behaviour other than the default, you’ll want to modify the service file to reflect what you want.
Or you could fix your scripts.

Thank you very much for a prompt reply!

I have commented couple of lines in /lib/systemd/system/dump1090-fa.service file and everything works great now!


As a result I can write dump1090-fa and dump1090-mutability json files to the same directory and switch between two dumps whenever needed without updating anything else…

Really appreciate your help!